Panic Buttons – Medical Emergency Alert

This is, or could be, of vital importance to those of you who have emergency situation call systems or what is commonly known as “panic buttons” for calling emergency situation help. If you have one of these plans, they appear to have a standard problem under these conditions:

  • The “telephone” line made used to send out the panic signal to the tracking station runs using a cable system, and also
  • There is a power outage at the time the emergency occurs.

Some suppliers are: LifeLink, LifeWatch USA, Pioneer Emergency Medical Alarms, Medical Alert, life alert devices as well as Philips LifeLine, among others, and also under many scenarios offer an amazing defense. However, if the electrical power goes out and also an emergency situation occurs where the wearer of the signaling device or “button” activates it, NO phone conversation goes through.

Why do you ask? Since when the electrical energy goes out, so does the cable television link box which is powered by the home present. This protects against the system from sending out the emergency signal.

When these emergency systems were first developed, every person had the “old” telephone systems supplied by the Bell System, a subsidiary, a sis business, or a descendant. They all brought the call through a specialized telephone line, which is powered by the telephone company.

Many individuals have actually subsequently switched to various other kinds of providers, in particular, cable television companies that market “bundled” solutions including television cable television, Internet, and also phone service. Regrettably for our discussion, these call for family power to operate. If the power goes off, so do the phones and with them, the “panic button” stops working.

What occurred for me to be writing this article? My mommy has among the emergency situation telephone call systems. She lives separately, so it provides her a level of self-confidence that if she needs emergency assistance, it is as close to as the pendant she puts on in your house around her neck. As well as it offers us reassurance that if something takes place, she can mobilize help quickly. She does have a computer as well as therefore the internet, and she also has a cable for her TV. In a price-saving step, she enrolled in a packed program where the total cost for all 3 with one service provider was substantially less than acquiring each one independently. In doing so, she canceled her Verizon phone line.

One afternoon, I listened to over the radio that her neighborhood was in the midst of a power blackout, so I contacted us to figure out just how she was doing. The call would not go through. No phone service. After that, I recalled that in servicing her computer system, I discovered that every little thing underwent the cable television router.

Placing this completely I established that during the blackout she might not make outgoing telephone calls since her phones required house electrical energy to work. On its own this is not truly bad, however in thinking about it, I asked yourself the effect on the emergency situation phone call system. I made a few calls to numerous of the above-mentioned emergency company as well as they conveniently recognized that their systems do not work with a phone system that needs residence power (such as the cable systems) when the power heads out.

This is not a phone call to panic; these systems function the majority of the moment simply great. This is an unexpected situation that developed with renovations in innovation as well as cost financial savings afforded by newer systems.

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