How to Use TikTok Correctly


Any type of marketing strategy requires a bit of preparation, especially if you plan to dedicate resources to the business. You need to look at ROI, or Return on Investment, with whatever outreach you are doing. ROI levels can be variable. At a minimum, you should break even, but if that’s all you’re doing, outreach marketing is ineffective.

It will all depend on scale. Warner Brothers spent $100,000,000 on marketing the blockbuster film Inception, which cost $160,000,000 to make and produced $836,800,000 at the box office. So for a total expenditure of $260,000,000,000, the film made a profit of $576,800,000 after production and marketing expenses.

The millions spent on the production of the film do not go into the marketing ROI, so you can actually say that there was an ROI ratio of 1 to 8.368 in that scenario. Essentially, the marketing for Inception was one part expense and 7.368 parts profit. That’s a good ROI. Some films spend a hundred million on marketing and barely double their money in the foreign market.

Solid marketing produces a stronger ROI. Still, the marketing you do for your products or services must match the products or services themselves. Social media is a good avenue for outreach in that regard; there is a lot of flexibility in the presentation potential. TikTok is currently trending. Accordingly, in this brief, we will explore ten ways to achieve better ROI with TikTok specifically.

Branded channels are key

First, you need to establish a TikTok channel that is designed to properly showcase your brand. Such a channel should have a focus on entertainment, which we’ll expand on later in this list. You need to be consistent. Your channel has to reflect your brand’s culture, and it has to properly appeal to the relevant TikTok demographic.

Think of it this way: if your product were a soft drink, you’d market it differently to gamers than to lawyers, but the brand itself wouldn’t change. It’s the difference between wearing a T-shirt to a sporting event and a suit and tie to the office. The clothes you wear change, but you are the same.

The way you present your brand changes, but the brand remains the same. Therefore, your branded TikTok channel needs to present content that doesn’t clash with who you are and what your brand does, but at the same time satisfies your target audience. If you enjoyed this article then visit their page for more interesting articles on how to buy tiktok likes.

Hashtags target content to different users.

Once you’ve created a channel and are producing content regularly, the next step is to ensure visibility and to do that you’re going to want to incorporate the right hashtags. There are 500 million active monthly users on TikTok, and here are some of the best hashtags to attract them as of June 2021.

The thing is, the hashtags you use will depend on what’s trending. There are several things that influence trending hashtags. What time of year is it? Where is your company located and where are your company’s main customers? What’s happening in the news and what are competitors doing?

Get in the habit of updating hashtags to be relevant every month or so, as advised by your marketing consultant. Every video you produce should have a handful of relevant hashtags. You can also run search engine queries to see what’s trending in general.

Consulting marketing groups to help you tailor hashtags to your audience, your products, and what’s currently trending on TikTok represents a great way to save time and money to keep hashtags relevant in general, not just on TikTok.

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