How to lose weight?

Many people are dissatisfied with their body weight or figure and want to change something about it. A few pounds should be lost and the body should look a bit more trained and firmer. To achieve this, as you probably already know, it needs two important components: On the one hand an effective fitness training and on the other hand an appropriate diet. In this article, we will deal with the first point, fitness training. To be more precise, we check and compare which fitness equipment is well suited for losing weight.

Not only cardio training is important!

Contrary to popular opinion, not only cardio training is crucial for fat burning. In order to lose weight effectively and burn calories, a healthy mixture of cardio and muscle training with as much variety as possible is best.

Cardiotraining such as cycling or jogging train the endurance superficially. Put simply: The body is trained to hold out longer, for example 10 km instead of 5 km. If the nutrition, i.e. the energy supply remains the same, this means that the body has to reduce the energy consumption, i.e. the fat burning! That’s why cardio training starts with rapid progress, but in the long run the effectiveness (in terms of losing weight) decreases with the same training. Therefore, it is important to vary and to include strength exercises in your weight loss training.

Strength training may be done with the aim of building muscle, but at the same time it burns a lot of fat without you being so directly aware of it. Your energy consumption during training depends on how many muscles you use intensively. Therefore, a part of muscle training is also very useful for losing weight.

Which fitness equipment is suitable for losing weight?

Basically, all common fitness equipment on isavera can make a difference and help you lose weight. If you are registered in a gym, you can try out a few things there and take turns with the equipment. Variety is also highly recommended to make lasting progress, because after about 8 weeks with the same training your body has adapted to the movement and the energy requirement for it decreases. That’s why you should change your training schedule a bit or change your fitness equipment if possible. If you want to train at home and buy a piece of equipment for it, it is all the more important to find out in advance what is suitable. Since space or money usually does not allow you to buy several (larger) machines, you should make a conscious choice.

In the area of cardio and endurance equipment, the treadmill, the crosstrainer, the exercise bike, the stepper or the rowing machine are suitable fitness equipment. And to anticipate one thing: It is hardly possible to say that one is the best fitness machine to lose weight and the other is not suitable at all. You can lose weight with all of these machines. We deliberately do not provide an overview like you find it in many fitness guides, according to the motto: With this device you burn so much fat and with that so much. Logically, training success depends on various factors, such as the level of difficulty and the speed at which you train on the fitness machine. How to lose weight most effectively does not only depend on the fitness machine itself.

Alternatives – lose weight without fitness equipment

Don’t you really have the space at home to buy and set up fitness equipment to lose weight? Or are your own equipment just too expensive an investment for you? An alternative would be the gym, but there is another way.

Even without fitness equipment you can do sports and burn calories. For your cardio workout, for example, you could just go out and jog or do a lap on the bike. So you don’t necessarily need a treadmill or an exercise bike. Especially in spring or summer it is usually much more pleasant outdoors in the fresh air. You could also go for a swim. Swimming regularly in the lake or outdoor pool in summer and in the indoor pool in winter is not only healthy but also helps to lose weight.

As I said, a bit of muscle training is needed to get slim legs, a tight bottom and a flat stomach, you should also do some strength exercises. Without home fitness equipment you can do a lot here as well. Exercises with your own body weight can also have a great effect. For example, you can do crunches or sit-ups for the stomach or a pair of push-ups for the arms and chest. For the legs knee bends are an important exercise.

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