Buying A Mattress

When buying a mattress, one is usually faced with a serious choice. From one user to another, the taste for bedding varies enormously.

Fortunately, everyone has the possibility to choose a mattress that suits their needs. In this article, you are rightly invited to discover the different types of mattresses that exist.

Spring mattresses

Probably the most common type of mattress, spring mattresses generally prove to be the first choice of users. The quality of a spring mattress is closely related to the number of springs used to make it. Thus, a large number of springs will provide the user with better comfort.

These mattresses are now equipped with pocket-spring technology, which provides a very good sleeping independence. Today’s spring mattresses are significantly better in terms of manufacturing quality. You will be able to enjoy the comfort of this model of mattress without feeling any friction due to the movements of the person sharing the bed with you.

Latex mattresses

This is undoubtedly the best mattress for people living in wet areas or who perspire a lot. This is because the latex mattress is equipped with honeycombing, which promotes good ventilation. This type of mattress adapts to the user’s body shape, providing excellent comfort.

Another advantage of this mattress is that it undergoes very little deformation over time.

In addition, latex mattresses are sometimes offered with specific comfort zones. This feature allows the user to benefit from support from several parts of the body.

Foam mattresses

Equally popular, foam mattresses are very popular with users. There are several types of foam mattresses, depending on the quality of the foam:

Polyether foam: this generally refers to very soft mattresses thanks to a density varying between 16 and 30 kg/m3. This type of mattress is especially appreciated for its good quality/price ratio.

Polyurethane foam: compared to the previous one, it is of better quality. It is more precisely high resilience foam with a density of 30 to 60 kg/m3. It is ideal for sleepers who prefer a firm or soft bed.

Memory foam: this foam has a density of 40 to 85 kg/m3 and has a very high resilience. Pure product of the Nasa research centre, it is in fact visco-elastic polyurethane well known for its adaptability.

Hybrid mattresses

There are those users who appreciate the different strengths of previous mattresses and would prefer not to have to choose. They will opt for hybrid mattresses. Indeed, this type of mattress takes into account a variety of combinations allowing the user to enjoy several interesting features.

You will discover, among other things, mattresses made largely of alternative materials such as viscoelastic memory foam and latex. Such a combination offers the advantage of excellent comfort and perfect conformability at the same time. Such features are ideal for relieving muscle aches and tensions. Mattresses with a combined structure have many unique advantages.

Making your choice

Now you know the different types of mattresses, you need to find the right size too. Remember to check out our mattress size guide. The best way to choose is to try them out yourself in a specialist shop. Once you have chosen, all you will need is a nice duvet cover!

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