About Anglemag

Angle Mag, or Angle Magazine, is termed and name in this way because we believe in getting everyone around us in the right shape and have the right degrees of wellness and right contours of your body. Not only is it nice to have a good body and be attractive, you are also less susceptible to any diseases related to obesity and any other illnesses such as heart disease as asthma. While it is definitely difficult to start exercising and getting the excess fat off your body, once you start, you can’t stop. It’s like an addiction – except it’s not an unhealthy one but one that will get you fit and happy every day waking up for a new day. When there is a will, there is a way now.

We don’t care about all these movements that deal with fat acceptance and all these other movements on accepting ‘unhealthy’ people. These fat people like to be fat and they may be lazy in our eyes, and we don’t care what they think about us. Who wants to be dealing with weight problems and heaviness and lack of breath in the later stages of our lives? Name me one successful actor who is not fat and is not given some comedic role. See? In our opinion, fat people are seen to be funny people and comedic, sometimes even cute. People can’t really take them seriously.

Our job is to help you be taken seriously and to introduce you new ways of being happy with yourself.